Celebrating over 150 years

of Lord Street West United Church

The building was opened as ‘West End Congregational Church’ in 1862. Over the years members of ‘Chapel Street’ and ‘Portland Street’ Congregational Churches were welcomed into the church family when their respective buildings closed.

After restoration work, in 1964, the church became known as ‘Lord Street Congregational Church’, later ‘Lord Street West United Reformed Church (URC)’.

‘Duke Street Methodist Church’ had stood on the opposite side of Duke Street to Lord Street West since 1879. In 1953 the building was sold and the members joined ‘Trinity Methodist Church’, further up Duke Street (which had been built in 1864).

When ‘Trinity Methodist Church’ closed in 1976, the Methodist congregation came to ‘Lord Street West URC’, this became a formal arrangement in September 1978.

Since 1993 we have been known as ‘Lord Street West United Church’. We are a united congregation who work together drawing on and valuing different aspects of United Reformed; Methodist and other traditions.

In early 2009 some members on Hampton Road URC began worshipping with us when their own church building closed.

Over the years our buildings have been modernised and improved thanks to the sacrificial giving of our members, the rental of our buildings and the income from our car park.

In 2012 we celebrated our 150th anniversary and we are aware of the needs to try new things to remain relevant to this changing world around us.